Mass Incarceration

We must tackle mass incarceration in our district. It's public knowledge that many of our prisons are understaffed and have become breeding grounds for criminal activity. We must seek where possible, alternative methods of reforming citizens. As your next District Attorney, I will work hard to find ways to help citizens that have committed low level crimes to have a better quality of life. We want to ensure that they can thrive and become productive members of our society, as opposed to sentencing those individuals to the Department of Corrections where they have an increased chance of returning to a life of crime for a means of survival. 


A major topic that concerns many in our district is fairness. Many of you have seen situations when two citizens commit a similar crime; and yet, one is given a harsh sentence while the other is given a slap on the wrist. We cannot tolerate this. How does it make us all look when there are different brands of justice being given out to citizens? We cannot expect people to relocate to our cities and towns or companies to bring jobs when our local justice system has a black eye. When you elect me, I will work hard to restore the integrity of our justice system and improve the image of our district. We need a system that will work to punish those that have committed crimes, but also work to rehabilitate our citizens that have lost their way. The law cannot be bent to help people that we like, and then used unjustly against people that we do not like. The law must be fair to everyone. If you elect me, I promise that I will always be fair and willing to listen to you and your concerns.    






Transparency and Accountability

We need truth, justice and fairness in our justice system. It's absolutely vital that our citizens are aware of what's going on within our justice system. You have to be able to hold elected officials accountable for our actions, or lack of action. We serve you, the people. As your next District Attorney, I will ensure that the office of the DA is transparent for the people and I will hold myself and others accountable for what we do. 






Prioritize the Crimes that Matter Most

If a violent crime has been committed, we will turn our full attention towards making sure this case gets every resource available so that it can be solved. We must place high priority on violent offenses, because if we don't, then we will be emboldening a criminal to strike again. We must ensure that our citizens are protected, and that crimes of this nature are solved. Of course, we will always focus on ANY AND ALL crimes that are committed. But I promise you that we will find and prosecute those who commit violence against our citizens. 





Protect Vulnerable Residents

There are many in our communities that are more prone to being victims of crime because of the perception that they cannot defend themselves. Our elders and children should be protected at all costs. We must ensure their safety and well-being. As your District Attorney, I promise to thoroughly investigate and prosecute those who would commit crimes against the defenseless.






Treat Victims with Respect and Sensitivity

If you have been a victim of a crime, the last thing you need or want is a District Attorney that makes you feel that you are not important. I pledge to you that I will always be willing to listen to your concerns and your story, and that I will do everything in my power to make sure that you are never victimized again.  






Treat Addiction as a Medical Issue 

We all know someone that is suffering from addiction. There was a time when these crimes were prosecuted to the fullest extent, but science and research has now shown that addiction is a legitimate medical problem that can only be solved by medical treatment. Continuing to throw drug users into prison doesn't solve the problem that we face. We must look for new avenues to help these citizens get the treatment that they desperately need so that they can return to being upstanding citizens and neighbors.






Bring the Police and Communities Together

For a community to function at the highest level, the police and the community must be a united front. Our citizens rely on the police to serve and protect them and their families; and the police rely on our citizens to keep them informed and to call them whenever any issues arise. We must always have trust between our police and the community. As your District Attorney, I will work to ensure that all victims of crime are treated with respect and dignity, and I will encourage open communication between law officials and our communities. 






Stand up to Police Misconduct

The law must be applied fairly to everyone. Just as we require our citizens to follow the rules, we must expect the same of our law enforcement. I will not allow officers to cut corners and trample on the rights of our citizens. Everyone deserves equal and fair treatment, and I will see to it that all of our citizens are treated fairly by our law enforcement officers.